Current Projects

Algorithmic Fairness

We consider the problem of fairly allocating resources that provide shared utility to agents. Examples include voting to elect a parliament, or deciding how to spend the local community budget, the so-called Participatory Budgeting problem. On the theoretical front, our main contributions are in reasoning about fair solutions that are agnostic to specification of sensitive demographics, and where no coalition of agents have incentive to deviate with their share of resources. On the applied front, we are working with cities to perform fair outreach for civic engagement.

Algorithms and Platforms for Collective Decision-making

On the analytic front, we have developed models and algorithms for several key problems in social choice, opinion formation, and preference aggregation in society. Our primary contribution is the design and analysis of "low-complexity" social choice schemes, where randomly chosen small groups of participants collectively make decisions. On the applied front, in collaboration with Ashish Goel and Jim Fishkin, we are building a platform for collaborative decision-making, where randomly chosen groups of people can deliberate policy issues in an automatically moderated video-chat room.

Market Design and Scheduling

We develop models for allocation of resources, both one-shot and across time, and efficient algorithms for finding these allocations. We show applications of such algorithms for fair scheduling in data centers and multi-core architectures. A related theme is pricing resources and online allocations, and we design pricing mechanisms under various constraints such as budgets and search friction.

Big-Data Processing and Geometric Applications

In collaboration with Pankaj Agarwal, we are exploring algorithms for massive geometric problems such as trajectory analysis and clustering. Our theme is finding properties in data that enable efficient computation, both sequentially and on parallel processors.

Older Publications

I have only placed a few representative publications below. A complete list of my papers is available on DBLP and on Google Scholar.

Slides and Videos