Research Overview

My research is in the general area of theoretical computer science, particularly the areas of Approximation Algorithms, Online Algorithms, and Algorithmic Game Theory. I work on developing models, algorithms, and markets for resource allocation, decision making, and provisioning problems. These problems arise in a variety of applications -- designing a data network, facility location and clustering, data center scheduling, allocating ad slots, scheduling ride-shares, and civic budgeting. In these contexts, my work has addressed several research challenges. Please see here for current projects.

  • Intractability: Exactly optimal solutions are often inefficient to compute due to the discrete, combinatorial nature of the problems, and we seek efficient algorithms that compute provably approximate optimal solutions.
  • Uncertainty: When future demand is uncertain, we seek algorithms that either work with specified models of uncertainty, or are robust to any possible future.
  • Pricing and Incentives: In settings where participants may lie about the utility of resources to them, we seek to design appropriate pricing schemes and incentives.
  • Fairness: In settings where resources are shared and the allocation has to be fair to the participants, we seek models for fairness and devise efficient algorithms for these models.

I am part of the Algorithms group and the CS-Econ group.

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Selected Recent Publications

A complete list of my papers is available on DBLP and on Google Scholar. See here for more papers and projects.

Recent Courses

Please see here for a complete list of courses.

Contact Information

D205, Levine Science Research Center,

308 Research Drive, Durham NC 27708-0129.

Phone: (919) 660-6598

Email address: <first_name>